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  • The Internet of Things Laboratory

    INVT Industrial IOT solution is based on mobile internet and cloud technologies. The solution is composed of a device sensing layer, a data communication layer, a data platform support layer and an application layer. The IOT Lab contains the latest achievements of INVT in the field of construction machines, air compressors, PV and elevators. These systems can realize real-time management of the equipment through real-time operation of remote monitoring equipment, which can solve various headache problems such as equipment management difficulties, maintenance difficulties, equipment isolation, ...

  • Safety Laboratory

    The safety laboratory was established in October 2008, covering an area of 80 square meters. The laboratory has invested 1.5 million RMB to establish three technical platforms: device safety test, board safety test, and machine safety test. Formed a complete safety testing system and became the leading industrial safety laboratory. INVT received the ACT (acceptance of client’s testing) certificate from TUV SUD in 2011. The safety laboratory has a number of professional technicians of safety design, testing and certification. Three of them are the signers of the safety report recognized by TUV ...

  • EMC Laboratory (EMC: Electro Magnetic Compatibility)

    EMC Labs founded in October 2008, covering an area of 600 square meters, including a standard conduction laboratory and an EMC comprehensive laboratory. It is the only inverter manufacturer with complete EMC detection capability in China. The laboratory has three standard electromagnetic shielding rooms. The main testing equipments are all internationally renowned brands, such as: EMI receivers produced by German P&S, BCI and CS test systems produced by American AR. The laboratory can carry out various EMC monitoring work, covering all the test items in the IEC/EN61800-3:2004 standard, and add...

  • Device Laboratory

    The Device Lab was established in March 2010 and covers an area of approximately 100 square meters. It has many technicians who have been working in the component field for many years and have extensive work experience. The laboratory is equipped with complete device test and failure analysis equipment. The key equipment are provided by well-know international manufacturers, which providing technical guarantee for accurate testing of the device. There are 3 small rooms in the laboratory: (1) General Laboratory: Mainly for performance testing and reliability experiments of the device. (2) Preci...

  • Hardware Laboratory

    The laboratory is mainly used for related experiments and debugging in the research and development stage. Both the whole machine and the single board can be debugged. Products from the R&D to production have to go through the following processes: development - commissioning - testing - pilot - production. Hardware debugging is an important part. Unlike testing, debugging has strict data standards. The design and development of the board, the design and modification of the circuit and the debugging of the board are all carried out by the hardware engineers in the early stage.

  • Environmental Reliability Laboratory

    The Environmental Reliability Laboratory was established in October 2008. It is responsible for the company's product climate environmental testing and provides reliability technical support and services to relevant departments of the company. The laboratory has the constant temperature and humidity test chamber, the thermal shock test chamber, the low pressure comprehensive test chamber, the salt spray test chamber and the natural convection box. And the natural convection box is designed and developed by the laboratory itself and has obtained an invention patent.

  • Mechanical reliability laboratory

    The Mechanical Reliability Laboratory was established in 2008 and is mainly responsible for the products mechanical environment testing and mechanical reliability related technical services. The laboratory has established close cooperation with third-party laboratories such as Shenzhen Metrology Institute, China Testing and One-way Testing to provide complete mechanical environmental testing and mechanical reliability testing such as shock, vibration, drop, modal analysis, sand and carton compression test. The mechanical reliability laboratory can develop appropriate mechanical environment tes...

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