Service & Support
  • Remote Service Support
    Remote Service Support

    Online technical support

    Remote monitoring data analysis

    Remote software upgrade

  • On-site Service Support
    On-site Service Support

    On-site fault diagnosis

    On-site product replacement

    On-site spares replacement

    On-site software upgrade

  • Deep troubleshooting support
    Deep troubleshooting support

    For difficult problems that have not been completely resolved, the experts of the R&D center will deal with them.

Service Characteristics
  • Service Characteristics
  • Convenience
    Multiple channels such as hotline, website, mailbox, and branch phone to accept customer questions.
  • Professional
    Free on-line technical support along with the warranty service our engineers provide the life-time service management.
  • Secured
    5 years warranty period after delivery from the factory which can be extended.
  • Considerate
    Visit customers within 72 hours, caring customers' experience, ensure the normal usage of products.
  • Fast delivery
    Spares from factory and overseas local warehouse support fast delivery for the repairing purpose in time.
  • Trustworthy
    Issue professional analysis report of products issues, prevent the scene hidden dangers, and provide security services.
Service Process

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