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Residential On-grid

Give full play to the advantages of the pilot, will promote the application of photovoltaic and beautiful rural, modern agricultural development and construction, through the implementation of photovoltaic rural project to increase farmers' income, accelerate the construction of modern agriculture, promote rural economic development.Usually found on a single residential roof; installed capacity - generally between 3 kW and 50 kW; 380V/220V voltage level access to the public grid or low-voltage side of the consumer grid photovoltaic power station:

Multi generation: 98.4% conversion efficiency; automatic adaption to weak electricity grid, extension of generation time, and increase of power generation benefits.

Low investment: only 8.5Kg, one person easily handling; 1.1 times overload output, saving investment cost.

High quality: aluminum alloy die casting, full industrial electronic device, 25 years long life.

Intelligent: APP remote fault diagnosis, generating capacity, income and other power plant data can be viewed in real time through micro-mail, APP.

System structure diagram
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