On December 12, the "2018 International Energy Summit Forum and the eighth Global New Energy Enterprises 500 Summit", hosted by China Energy News and the China Institute of Energy Economics, was held at People's Daily's New Media Building. The conference released the "Global New Energy Enterprise 2018 Top 500 list", with a sound market performance in the field of new energy and industry contributions, INVT is honored to be selected as one of the Global New Energy Enterprise Top 500!

It is reported that the "Global New Energy Enterprises 500" activities have been held for 8 years since 2011. According to international practice, the Global New Energy Enterprise Top 500 has high authority and credibility in the industry.

As a listed company (stock code: 002334), INVT has been focusing on power electronics and inverter control technology for 16 years. In the new energy, we independent research and development of photovoltaic inverter, energy storage, electric vehicle drive control, charging piles and other products are constantly updated and rapidly recognized by the market. The successful application cases of the products are spread over more than 60 countries and regions around the world. The quality of the products has passed many practical tests, and the brand has gained substantial recognition.


At present, INVT Solar Technology Co., Ltd is one of China's top ten distributed inverter brands, China's "Ten" photovoltaic household system brands, China's "top 10" distributed power plant developers, the year's best photovoltaic poverty alleviation award, electric vehicle core components 100, In 2018, China's top 10 charging equipment brand awards, but also enjoy a national high-tech enterprises, Guangdong Province's top 100 independent innovation enterprises, photovoltaic leaders and a series of honors.

Not only in photovoltaic product, but INVT is also actively engaged in the expansion and extension of the new energy business. Just as the summit theme which is "build on the past and start a new journey in energy transformation", companies need keen insight in the critical phase of energy transformation in the face of highly competitive markets. INVT layout plans the "intelligent energy ecological chain" panorama. It includes the future of energy development, supply and demand and electricity plate. We have solar energy on the generator side, we have charging piles and new energy cars on the electricity side, and energy storage are essential in these two links.

Committed to becoming a trusted new energy solutions provider, we will continue to provide global customers with sound product solutions, intelligent monitoring operations and efficient service. The industry develops with each passing day, we will also insist on innovation and progress, creating a "sustainable force" that belongs to industry, partners, users and so on.