Highlights of INVTSolar New Year’s Party
The INVTSolar 2023 Award Ceremony and 2024 New Year's Party were recently held grandly. We gathered to summarize the highlights of 2023 and set the course for the new journey of 2024 to share the joy of the New Year. Let's retake a look at this party through the video below.

At the start of the party, Huang Shenli, the Chairman of INVT, and Tian Huachen, the President, took turns delivering warm greetings and New Year's wishes to all INVTSolar staff. They recognized the team's efforts and achievements and expressed optimism for the company's development in 2024.
(Remarks by Huang Shenli, the Chairman of INVT)
(Remarks by Tian Huachen, the President of INVT)
Afterward, Ren Weifeng, General Manager of INVTSolar, delivered a speech, comprehensively summarizing the past and prospecting the future. He described the start as a sprint, and we plan to take action starting in January. Over the next three to five years, we will accelerate growth and shape the future through efficiency, effort, diligence, and wisdom.
(Remarks by Ren Weifeng, the General Manager of INVTSolar)
The party held a special award ceremony to honor outstanding individuals, set performance benchmarks, and encourage a strong work ethic among all staff members. The ceremony featured the presentation of awards to exceptional new employees, outstanding staff members, top sales performers, exceptional managers, and outstanding teams.
The key link after the award ceremony is to Make the Business Order Pledge. At the ceremony, Mr. Ren Weifeng, the General Manager of INVTSolar, proudly presented the Orders to the domestic, Asia-Pacific, European, Americas, Middle East, and Africa sales teams. The confident managers who received the orders made a bold and powerful promise to surpass the annual sales of solar inverter invt targets. With their dedication and hard work, we are confident in the success of our sales efforts.
We are not only dedicated to our work but also full of energy and versatility in our lives. The party featured many splendid live shows, including a lion dance, witty skit, songs, dances, poetry recitation, and more. Also, we had a super fun raffle draw that hyped up the party vibes. So many awesome gifts were given away to lucky winners who left with big smiles on their faces. With everyone laughing and having a great time, the party came to a close on a high note.