INVTSolar XG100KTR Inverter Facilitates Green Energy Transition of A Pharmaceutical Company
With a favorable location in Northeast China, Liaoning Province is blessed with abundant sunlight resources, with average daily sunshine hours above 4.2 kWh/㎡/day.
Liaoning's local photovoltaic (PV) industry has witnessed considerable expansion in recent years, a development accelerated by the nation's commitment to reach its carbon peak and achieve carbon neutrality. This shift is further bolstered by an array of supportive governmental policies. An increasing number of clean energy initiatives are being expedited to catalyze the province's transition towards green energy.
Emerging as a primary contender in the clean energy sector, businesses are increasingly adopting solar power to streamline their transition to green energy. One such forward-thinking enterprise is a Dalian-based aquatic pharmaceutical company, which has recently integrated a 1.2MW rooftop solar power installation into its facilities. As the company experiences an upswing in production capacity and a concurrent rise in energy requirements, this initiative aligns with its sustainable growth strategy and echoes China's nationwide push for green and sustainable development.
This initiative utilizes 12 sets of INVTSolar's XG100KTR three-phase on-grid solar inverters, which became fully operational in June 2023. The XG100KTR inverter is characterized by its nine Maximum Power Point Trackers (MPPT), each boasting a maximum input current of 26A. The inverter's robust features include a wide voltage range and IP66 protection, supplemented by a host of intelligent safeguards such as smart I-V diagnosis, fault recording, and an optional Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI). This comprehensive protective system ensures the solar power plant's longevity throughout its entire life cycle.
In addition, the XG100KTR inverter is equipped with an intelligent data monitoring platform, thereby enhancing the convenience of operation and maintenance, and further streamlining the green energy transition process for the company.
Taking into account the local solar irradiation conditions, the solar power plant is projected to yield an average annual total power generation of approximately 1.45 million kWh. This substantial output will result in substantial savings on electricity expenses for the company and the excess energy produced can also be sold back to the grid, creating an additional revenue stream. This project is, therefore, an exemplary model of sustainable growth and green energy utilization in action.
It also has a very valuable green output,
Annual reduction of standard coal consumption: 580.33 tons,
Annual reduction of CO2 emission: 1,446.47 tons,
Annual reduction of SO2 emission: 43.52 tons.