Single Phase Hybrid Inverter

Key Feature

  • Stronger UPS
  • Maximum efficiency: 97.9%
  • Advanced Parallel, up to 60kW
  • IP65 Protection Degree: support outdoor installation
  • Support RS485/CAN/WiFi:remote monitoring and operation via PC or mobile phones
  • Intelligent working modes
  • Easy to use with battery
  • Light, fast & easy installation
  • Plug & Play, seamless switching under 􏚲􏚱ms
Input (PV)
Max. PV Input Power 8kW
Max. PV Input Voltage 550V
Start-up Voltage 140V
MPPT Voltage Range 120V ~ 500V
Max. PV Input Current 13.5A
Max. Short Circuit Current per MPPT 15A
Number of MPP Trackers / String per MPPT 2 / 1
Output (AC)
Max. Output Current 25A 26A
Rated Output Power 5kW 6kW
Max. Output Power 5kVA 6kVA
Rated Voltage 230V, L + N + PE
Operating Voltage Range 180V ~ 270V
Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Power Factor 0.8 lagging~0.8 leading
THDi <3%
Output (EPS)
Max. Output Power Without Solar 4kW
Max. Output Power With Solar 5kW 6kW
Rated Voltage 230Vac
Rated Current 17.4A
Rated Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Automatic Switch Time 10ms
Peak Power Without Solar 4500W,30s
THDV <5%
Battery Voltage Range 40V ~ 60V
Nominal Battery Voltage 48V
Max. Charge Voltage 59V
Charge / Discharge Current 80A / 80A
Battery Type Lithium / Lead-acid
Max. Efficiency  97.90%
European Efficiency  97.50%
Battery Charge / Discharge Efficiency  94.50%
Display LCD / LED
Communication RS485 / CAN / WiFi
Standard Compliance
Certificates CEI0-21, EN50549 , IEC62109-1/2, IEC61000
General Data
Dimensions (W x H x D) 455 x 476 x 181 mm
Weight 20kg
Operation Temperature -25℃ ~ +60℃
Cooling Method Natural
Protection Degree IP65
Noise Emission <25dB
Max. Operating Altitude 4000m
Relative Humidity 0 ~ 100%
Topology Transformerless
Standby Power Comsuption <5W
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