China PV Top-runner Innovation Forum and smart manufacturing award ceremony was hold in March 21st. INVT Solar was honored to be awarded China Smart Manufacturing Award.


As the entrance of energy internet to renewable energy power, smart inverter combines the advanced communication technology of electricity and electronics and internet, it is pushing the accelerating reform of solar inverter and energy industry. As the leading enterprise of Chinese electric equipment, INVT has accumulated 15 years’ experience in electricity, electronic and inverter technology since the first inverter was developed in 2002. The annual R&D invest consists of over 10% sales revenue. At present over 800 patents is registered by INVT.


In the field of smart solar manufacturing, INVT has automated assembly production line, all the production functions are integrated and the procedures are imported automatically to achieve smooth production method. And for the automated painting line, it could finish the conformal coatings and curing on the front and opposite in one time. The painting quality is greatly improved and manufacturing cost is lowered. For the AGV system, it could standardize the delivery method, reduce operation cost and increase production efficiency. The advanced fully automated production line could maximum the improvement of production procedure and production efficiency, minimum labor cost and products quality assurance.


In the recruiting process of China PV green and smart manufacturing prize, INVT solar actively applied for the application innovation and promotion award and personal excellent award, it fully plays the leading role of smart PV manufacturing enterprise and makes a contribution to accelerating the steps of building smart PV manufacturing system and promoting PV industry transform and upgrade.