From May 23 to 24, INVT Solar successfully completed the  Solar Show Philippines (2018). In this exhibition, INVT's solar grid-tied series, hybrid series and off-grid series products are full of highlights.

Let INVT Solar take everyone to know the grand occasion of the exhibition.

Strong Partner

The annual Philippine exhibition attracts professionals from many countries and regions. The flow of visitors to the exhibition hall is high. INVT Solar and Perlight Solar (Booth No. F10 Level 1) showed the assemble panels and inverters on the spot. It attracted a large number of exhibiting customers.



High quality products

In this exhibition, INVT Solar exhibited MG series grid-tied solar inverter, BD hybrid inverter and BN off-grid inverter.

INVT Solar iMars MG series grid-tied solar inverters are developed by INVT for home users. They are smaller, lighter, beautiful and exquisite; the display panel is graphical and intuitive. Moreover, they have characteristics such as low noise, simple installation, convenient operation and maintenance.



BD hybrid inverter has the appearance of household appliances, in addition, its charging current can be set according to the type of battery, and the grid and off-grid two in one (it can be not only connected to the grid to run the self-use and storage of excess power, but also used off-grid as UPS), the friendly human-machine interface (large LCD color screen) and other product features to make it gained lots of appreciated.



BN off-grid inverter makes battery maximize utilized and used by multiple working modes, it possesses mains bypass fast charging, including photovoltaic panel MPPT charging control function; user-friendly communication module selection (such as RS48, RS232, CAN, DPRS, WIFI, etc.) for computer, mobile phone or Internet and remote operation; with overload, short circuit and other protection functions, etc.



The Solar Show Philippines (2018) has ended. INVT Solar has a new promotion and expansion in the design of energy storage and off-grid products and solutions. More details will be released at the SNEC Shanghai Photovoltaic Exhibition on May 28th. We sincerely invite friends from home and abroad to visit our booth, E7-550. Let's meet in Shanghai, see you!