Summer must be enthusiasm enough

Sweet watermelon, heart and soul

Cold beer makes people cool in summer

Spicy barbecue is delicious enough

That football.. Must wait another 4 years?

No, passion can't stop!

In the midsummer, we PV people have to mess up!


South China's most influential

The 10th Guangzhou International Solar Energy Exhibition

Will be grandly opened in Guangzhou

INVT Solar invites you to gather in Guangzhou

We are at P330 4.1

You must want to know the current situation of the PV market.

Come on, let's talk about the situation, dynamics and perspectives of the industry with you

You must be aware of the new positioning and solutions for INVT PV products.

Come on, we will share technology upgrades, new products and the latest global application examples with you

Grid-tied, energy storage, solar storage, solar storage and charge, smart energy ecological chain

How will the transformation and development of the energy industry collide with everyone?

In August, meet in the summer

Watch a "Sunshine Exhibition" together