As a technologically innovative company, INVT has always valued the development and protection of corporate intellectual property rights (IPR) since its establishment in 2002.


On the one hand, the company has invested a large amount of capital in product research and development, brand maintenance, and IPR management systems every year, making great achievements in the field of IPR. It has won honorable reputation, such as the famous trademark in Guangdong, Shenzhen company with IPR advantages, and Shenzhen famous brand. On the other hand, the company actively tried, developed, and established a variety of channels and resources in the rights protection of patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets, which enriches the experience of rights protection and strengthens the company's capabilities in rights protection.


INVT has been Selected as One of the Key Companies in the Longteng Action


With the development and expansion of businesses, INVT's product marketing network covers more than 60 countries and regions around the world. The international competitiveness of its products and its brand reputation have been improved. However, some sudden overseas infringements also occur. For example, counterfeit and shoddy products with the "INVT" trademark and product models appear in the major importing countries of INVT's products, which have infringed upon the IPR achievement made by the company and its technicians.


To crack down on IPR infringements and protect the company's rights and interests, the company not only uses local resources to crack down on infringement, but also pays increasingly more attention to the performing IPR protection through the monitoring of China Customs to contain the development of infringement from the source.


INVT has completed the corresponding IPR filing in the customs IPR protection system. To further strengthen the cooperation with the customs and improve the efficiency of cracking down on infringement in the import and export, INVT decided to join the 2018 Longteng Action initiated by China Customs.


Only 18 companies in Shenzhen have been selected as key companies of the Longteng action, among which are Huawei, Xiaomi, Netac, INVT, and other brands. These companies enjoy the IPR protection provided by both China Customs and Shenzhen Customs.


What is the Longteng Action?


The Longteng Action 2018 is a special campaign to be carried out from August to November, 2018 by the General Administration of Customs (GAC) of China for protecting the IPR of "exporting companies with IPR advantages". It aims at advocating cultural innovation, facilitating the development, protection, and application of IPR, and promoting China's "transformation from manufacturing to creation, from products to brands".


Companies, with independent IPR, that are under the jurisdiction or command of Shenzhen Customs and are selected by GAC of China as the key companies in the Longteng Action (2018), enjoy the following key protection and support:


1.The Customs will designate specialists to provide one-to-one guidance for the selected companies. The specialists will understand the difficulties and problems encountered by companies in terms of IPR protection and customs clearance, and perform coordination and provide feedback in a timely manner.


2. For selected companies that meet the certification requirements, the Customs will include them in the “General Certification” and “Advanced Certification” company cultivation list, and provide corresponding company credit certification guidance.


3. The Customs will comprehensively sort out the import and export data of the selected companies and key companies, and based on the data and the information provided by the companies to implement key protection for the independent IPR of the companies.


4.For the filing application of the selected companies, the Customs will speed up the processing. In addition, the handling of the IPR protection cases involved with the selected companies and the disposal of the infringing goods will also be speeded up.


5.The Customs will collect the unfair IPR competition encountered by the selected companies outside China, and report it to the GAC, supporting the key companies in the areas of information exchange, evidence collection, and case verification.


6.The Customs will increase penalties for cases of infringements on IPR of the selected companies. For suspected IPR crimes, the Customs will promptly notify the public security in accordance with the law, and actively visit the public security, courts, and other departments to increase punishment.


7.For the law enforcement effectiveness and typical cases of IPR protection for the selected companies, the Customs will increase publicity through various channels to warn companies involved in infringement and develop business environments governed by law.


As one of the key members of the Longteng Action, INVT is sincerely grateful for the IPR support policy of China Customs. With this policy, INVT enjoys the key protection of IPR in the import and export of goods. In the future, INVT will continue to cooperate with Shenzhen Customs to carry out the special IPR protection action, strengthen its customs IPR protection, protect its legitimate rights and interests, and crack down on infringements.