On April 24th, the 9th China International Energy Storage Conference was held in Hangzhou Intercontinental Hotel, Zhejiang Province. The conference was jointly sponsored by China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association Energy Storage Application Branch and China Energy Storage Network. More than 1,600 participants from leading industry institutions, experts and system integrators from all over the world came together on the theme of Exploring the road of energy storage commercialization serving the global integrated energy market to discuss the practical application of energy storage, and put forward suggestions on energy storage technology, business model, market segmentation, capital cooperation, etc. which will Contribute more to the joint promotion of energy storage industry progress.


The 9th China International Energy Storage Conference Scene


As a professional inverter and smart energy solution supplier, INVT Solar was awarded as The Most Influential Enterprise Award of China's Energy Storage Industry in 2019 by the conference for its outstanding achievements in new technologies, new products and practical applications of energy storage.


INVT Solar (the 3rd from right)


The core of clean energy system is energy storage technology. China and the world's energy storage industry are facing great development opportunities. INVT has been making energy storage products since 2016, mainly based on overseas household energy storage systems, and micro-grid systems as well. In 2018, the biggest breakthrough in our energy storage business lies in the high-power PCS, EMS systems and systematic integration capabilities. And relying on INVT’s own solar, energy storage, new energy vehicle technology and other aspects of the accumulation of technology, we are developing and implementing the iMars Smart Energy Eco-Chain, excavating 19 kinds of energy storage scenarios, developing a variety of solutions for the market and customers to provide a full range of energy system services.


iMars Smart Energy Eco-Chain


In addition, during the Conference, INVT Solar iMars BD-HS All-in-one Hybrid system was certified by TÜV South Deutsche Group and issued a certificate, TÜV is one of the world’s largest inspection institutions. This official accreditation indicates that the BD5KTL-HS All-in-one Hybrid system meets the requirements of safety regulation and Australian grid-connected certification!


INVT Solar got the certificate from TÜV South Deutsche Group


INVT has 17 years of core inverter technology strength, attaches importance to R&D investment, and adheres to technological innovation. We have been actively developing new energy business and strongly supporting the development of new energy industries worldwide. Up to now, the application of INVT iMars Series PV Inverter has been widely used in more than 60 countries and regions, and is popular with our customers. What’s more, it was elected to the Global Top 500 New Energy Enterprises in 2018. Facing the change of market demand, in recent years INVT has continuously developed the technology of energy storage to enrich energy storage products.    


The future of Energy storage industry is great; INVT will strive to be at the forefront of innovation, provide advanced products and solutions to the customers all over the world, and make contribution to the advancement of the energy storage industry.