On the morning of October 23, 2019, representatives from non-African francophone countries and Portuguese-speaking countries visited INVT for exchanges. The core and purpose of the event is to understand the situation of the company and the industry and promote communication and cooperation.


INVT is a leading company in the fields of industrial automation and energy and power. It relies on power electronics, automatic control, information technology, business covers industrial automation, new energy vehicles, network energy and rail transportation, and strives to provide value-for-money products and services. To provide users with the most valuable products and solutions.


The representative first visited the exhibition hall of INVT. In the exhibition hall, the explanation staff introduced the development history of INVT, the four business segments and related products. The visitors had a certain understanding and understanding of the strength and good development prospects of INVT.


In addition, the representative also visited the experimental center of IINVT. INVT is a key high-tech enterprise of the National Torch Program. The laboratory has the ACT qualification issued by the first TUV SUD in the domestic industrial control industry, and has passed the UL witness laboratory and CNAS national laboratory certification. The explanation staff introduced the situation of the experimental center in detail, and explained the main instruments and projects in each laboratory. The visiting team expressed their appreciation and appreciation for the research and development strength of INVT.


The visit and exchange activities gave everyone a certain understanding of INVT company, and also had a certain understanding of the current development of industrial automation and energy and power. Through this visit and exchange activities, it will also help everyone to strengthen exchanges and learn from each other, promote trade cooperation with French and Portuguese-speaking countries, and achieve common development.