As an important member of the INVT Group in the energy and power sector. Relying on the technological advantages and strength accumulated by INVT in this field for many years and combined with the rich product categories of PV, INVT Solar strives to create a unique “iMars smart energy ecological chain”, developing and digging deep into photovoltaic (grid/off-grid), energy storage, optical storage, optical storage and other solutions to alleviate the traditional energy dilemma and providing customers with efficient and reliable new energy solutions.


Now, we are officially announcing the launch of a global partner recruitment program. And we provide 300,000 to 500,000 dollars in initial fund.

We need you to meet these two points:

1. Partners who are devoted to solar industry;

2. Partners who are excellent at sales channels or technical experience.


We believe that this is a good opportunity to use the advantages of both parties to explore the "PV +" market. Partner with us.

Please contact to us for more information.