On June 3, 2021, the 15th International Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy Conference and Exhibition (SNEC) kicked off at the Shanghai New International Expo Center! This exhibition has an exhibition area of 200,000 ㎡, with more than 1,700 exhibiting companies, bringing together the top products and technologies of the photovoltaic industry, and bringing an all-round smart feast to the energy industry.


As "China's Top 10 Distributed/String solar Inverter Brands", INVT Solar brought a variety of new generation household/commercial solar inverters to the exhibition and the scene was crowded.Many professional visitors came to INVT Solar booth to communicate and seek Business cooperation.


In the afternoon, TÜV SÜD, the world's leading third-party testing and certification organization, issued the German on-grid certificate for the photovoltaic grid-connected inverter series products MG1-3kW, MG3-6kW, BG4-10kW, and BG20-35kW exhibited by INVT Solar. Obtaining this certification means that the product meets the requirements of the German on-grid standards DIN VDE V 0124-100:2020 and VDE-AR-N 4105:2018, and it also provides a strong quality guarantee for this series of products to enter the German market.


TÜV SÜD Xu Hailiang congratulated INVT Solar for obtaining the certification and mentioned: “TÜV SÜD and INVT Solar have established a long-term cooperative partnership. The technical teams of the two sides support each other and the cooperation is very tacit. The certified products include single-phase, three-phase on-grid solar inverter, the products cover 1-3kW, 3-6kW, 4-10kW and 20-35kW.TÜV SÜD tested and evaluated the products in accordance with the latest DIN VDE V 0124-100:2020 and VDE-AR-N 4105:2018 standards. They successfully passed the TÜV SÜD test and obtained the certificate. The acquisition of this certification fully reflects INVT Solar’s R&D capabilities. Congratulations to INVT Solar!"


"As a leader in the field of testing and certification, TÜV SÜD has always provided support and assistance for the high-quality development of the industry. I am very grateful to the TÜV SÜD project expert team. In the future, INVT will continue to maintain a close cooperative relationship with TÜV SÜD to jointly promote the photovoltaic industry The healthy and sustainable development of the company. We will continue to give full play to our core technological advantages to allow more high-quality Chinese products to enter the international market.” said Ren Weifeng, general manager of INVT Photovoltaic.