INVT co-organize Industrial and Commercial PV & Energy Storage Technology Conference

On October 12, the "Industrial and Commercial Distributed Photovoltaic & Energy Storage Technology Conference", sponsored by Guangzhou Energy Institute of Chinese Academy of Science and Guangdong Solar Energy Association (GSEA) and co sponsored by INVT Solar Technology(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., was held in Zhongshan Golden Diamond Hotel, Guangdong. The conference brought together a number of well-known new energy enterprises in the industry and conducted a multi-directional discussion on the PV innovation and commercial development of the industry.


At the meeting, Ren Weifeng, CEO of INVT Solar, delivered a speech. "Today, new energy and photovoltaic are hot words in our life, and China is now a powerful country in the photovoltaic industry. This is a fact we are proud of and also also a cause that we have been working hard to develop." CEO Ren Weifeng then introduced INVT Solar, "For INVT Solar, as a professional provider of photovoltaic products and solutions, our determination is to come up with better inverter products to serve customers."


INVT Solar has never stopped the pace of R & D and innovation to promote the development of green energy. Guangdong Province is not only the forefront of reform and opening up, but also the most economically developed province in China. With long sunshine time and large total radiation, Guangdong Province is one of the most important markets for PV industry in China, especially industrial and commercial PV industry. This time, for Guangdong Industrial and commercial distributed photovoltaic, INVT Solar released XG100-136kw three-phase on grid inverters, which effectively solved the pain points and difficulties of industrial and commercial photovoltaic from the four aspects of benefit, safety, installation and maintenance, and helped the smooth operation of industrial and commercial power stations.


1. High economic benefits


There is no doubt about the importance of economic benefits for industrial and commercial photovoltaic power stations, and power generation benefits are an important part of industrial and commercial photovoltaic benefits. The XG100-136kw three-phase on grid inverter newly launched by INVT Solar adopts the design of 10-12 MPPT. Each MPPT operates efficiently and independently, realizing the flexible collocation of battery panels, reducing mismatch and maximizing power generation efficiency. With the development of high-power modules, INVT Solar has been comprehensively upgraded from the traditional two matching and one MPPT current of 26a to 32a, which is suitable for the mainstream high-power modules in the industry.


2. Safe and Reliable


With the continuous expansion of new installed capacity and cumulative installed capacity of industrial and commercial PV, security issues such as operation and maintenance of distributed PV devices have become increasingly prominent. All the values of PV plants are built on safety. Xg100-136kw three-phase grid connected inverter has built-in DC arcing intelligent detection (AFCI), which can accurately distinguish arcing signals, quickly turn off, avoid fire and realize active prevention. This series of inverters are equipped with multiple protection functions such as anti-islanding protection, input over current proteciton, output over current protection, DC reverse connection protection, string fault protection, surge protection, Insulation resistance detection, AC leakage current detection, PID repair, low voltage ride through, arc fault detection, night SVG function and so on, so as to ensure the safety and comprehensive control of the inverter of the power station.


3. Easy installation


The convenience of installation is fully considered in the design of the product appearance. The fuselage is equipped with hanging ears. During installation, only the hanging ears of the machine need to be directly installed on the hanging plate, which is fast and convenient in the whole process, greatly improving the timeliness of installation and saving the installation cost.


4. Convenient maintenance, low operation & maintenance cost


INVT Solar intelligent management system covers the whole life cycle of the power station, including clue mining, customer information management, sales performance statistics, marketing promotion, rate of return analysis, risk control and other services during the development period of the power station, survey / design, goods preparation logistics, project tracking, project acceptance and other services during the construction period of the power station, data statistics, anomaly analysis, and Operation and maintenance dispatch, equipment maintenance, cash flow management and other services, as well as alarm management, protocol management, control command management and ROI analysis in power station asset management, perfectly meet the needs of one-stop management and make the management of photovoltaic power station simple, effective and efficient.


Since the second half of 2021, under the situation of power shortage and prominent contradiction between power supply and demand in Guangdong Province, coupled with the double carbon goal and the policy of promoting pilot projects in the whole county, Guangdong Province has injected long-term development power into the development of clean energy industry, and the construction of photovoltaic and energy storage will also accelerate. INVT Solar will launch better photovoltaic products with innovative technology, and contribute green energy to the low-carbon cause!