INVT Solar participated in Intersolar South America in São Paulo, Brazil

Intersolar is the world’s leading exhibition series for the solar industry and its partners, which‘s exhibition spanning four continents. INVT Solar participated in Intersolar South America from October 18–20, 2021 in São Paulo, Brazil.


The exhibition brought together well-known PV companies from all over the world, and INVT Solar also showed professional PV inverter products and solutions at the exhibition booth. C4.67.


XG 15-136kW On-grid Solar Inverters (Commercial)


XG series is a new series of three-phase on grid inverters especially developed for commercial and industrial.  2-12 MPPT, MPPT efficiency is up to 99.90%, which is suitable for high-power modules and high efficiency output to reduce the cost of power plant. Equipped with intelligent operation and maintenance system, one-stop management, covering the whole life cycle of the power plant. Support Bluetooth, GPRS/WIFI, USB, RS485, DRM and other external communication interfaces to realize remote monitoring and maintenance. Support fault recording function, Real-time waveform monitoring in case of inverter failure. Support IV scanning and intelligent diagnosis to realize PV module fault remote location, fast and accurate.


MG 1-6kW On grid Solar Inverters (Residential)


MG 1-6kW is designed for residential use, small size, light weight, easy to install and maintenance. IP65 and support extended zero export function. MG series solar inverters can be found in more than 60 countries and regions around the world.


BG 8-10kW-PLUS On grid Solar Inverters (Residential)


The BG8-10kW-PLUS is designed to feed back to customers for residential use. Wide input voltage range, adaptable to more panel types and string configuration methods. Independent dual MPPT, the maximum input power of a single group is allowed to reach 60% of the total DC power. Global integrated monitoring system, IP65, high power density, appliance design, small size and high cost-effective.


In Brazil, we fully felt the enthusiasm of our South American customers, and in return, INVT Solar has been committed to become a reliable and professional solar inverter and solution provider, and provide more high-quality and professional products and services to our customers. We hope to bring green energy to South America and other regions of the world, to practice green low-carbon business and make the world more beautiful!