Type: On-grid

Date: 2015-07

Location: Xinjiang, China

System Capacity: 2MW

Quantity: 33 Sets

Inverter: INVT iMars BG 30KTR

This 2MW above-ground PV power station, made up of two 1MW subsystems, is located in Hami Prefecture. 1MW PV subsystem adopts 3,960 pcs of 255W PV modules, and 33 sets of INVT BG30KTR inverters. With 20 pcs of parallel modules as a bunch, 6 bunches of modules (120 pcs of modules in total) are connected to 1 set of BG30KTR inverter, i.e. 3 bunches into 1 MPPT input port. 1 AC combiner box is connected to output ports of 6 sets or 5 sets of BG30KTR inverters, and 6 AC combiners are needed; three-phase splits two-winding transformer that is connected to the output ports of AC combiner, and the high-voltage side of transformer is connected to high-voltage power distribution system via transmission line. In addition, 1 set of data monitoring and measuring device is equipped to form 1MW PV subsystem. The serial-connected RS485 communication port of 5 sets or 6 sets of BG30KTR inverters is connected to input port of communication manager of 1MW booster station; and 1 set of ring-network switch is connected to output port of communication manager; therefore, each 1MW PV unit is equipped with 1 communication manager and 1 ring-network switch, and the running status of related devices can be viewed in master control room. Since put into grid-connected operation in November, 2014, no major failure ever occurred. With the output high up to 31KW and 200kWh generated power per day, BG30KTR has brought great benefits to users due to high efficiency and stable performance. Depending on superior performance, INVT BG30KTR inverter has been highly appraised by the users and EPC!