Type: On-grid

Date: 2018-09

Location: Dongguan,China

System Capacity: 2.5MW

Inverter: INVT iMars BG 33KTR 

The 2.5MW distributed power station is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong province, which covered about 45000 square meters of Maggie Canning factory.The system consists of 120 sets of INVT BG33KTR inverters, with 14546 pcs of modules covering the factory rooftop.   This project was installed on October 2016 and until December 2016 was completed. It was the largest project of industry & commerce rooftop power station, every year it generates 5850 thousands of electricity in this district and in ideal, the period of ROI is about 4-5 years. After this commercial power station was constructed, there are many benefits will go with. On the one hand, it will create an outstanding economic profits, and on the other hand, the power station helps to reduce more carbon dioxide emission and reduce standard coal consumption to promote build an environmentally –friendly earth family.