SUCE 2022, INVTSolar Showcases a series of updated solar inverters and gains strong partners


On July 23, 2022, the 17th (Jinan) Solar Energy Utilization Conference (SUCE) was grandly opened in Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Center. Founded in 2007, SUCE has been successfully held for 16 consecutive sessions and is a high-profile and influential national event in China's PV industry.



As a professional solar inverter manufacturer, INVT Solar also exhibited at SUCE, showcasing a wide range of high-efficiency inverter products for grid-tied, energy storage and off-grid to meet the differentiated needs of the PV market.


New Product Launch


At 3 pm on July 23rd, our key partners and important media partners of the domestic PV industry launched the new product launch together with Mr. Ren, General Manager of INVT Solar.




We launched the new XG series of grid-tied solar inverters, which is a new generation of upgraded products replacing the BG series, with all-round improvement in efficiency, protection and intelligence:


● Wider power range coverage

The products cover 3kW-136kW to meet the needs of different power plant applications.


All-core upgrade, more efficient

  1. 2-12 MPPT, MPPT tracking technology with high precision and fast dynamic response, can adapt to rapid changes in sunshine and improve power generation efficiency.
  2. Support 1.5-1.6 times DC overmatch and 1.1 times overload output.
  3. Wide voltage range, compatible with high power modules.
  4. XG100kW or above with PID protection and repair function, it can repair module PID decay in high temperature and high humidity projects, improve power generation and revenue, and reduce system BOS cost and kWh cost.


● Comprehensive protection, safer and more intelligent
  1. Support AFCI detection module, which automatically detects the location of arc pulling and intelligently shuts off to ensure the safety of solar power plant.
  2. Intelligent IV diagnosis, pinpointing string faults and proactively discovering problems.
  3. Equipped with an intelligent operation and maintenance management platform, you can view solar power plant operation data anytime and anywhere, and understand the status of the solar power station in time.


Signing Ceremony of Strategic Cooperation


The new products released attracted many potential partners. 9 major customers signed the strategic cooperation with INVT Solar on site, which is not only a recognition of INVT Solar, but also a sign that INVT Solar inverters will be put into operation in a number of new solar power plants.



INVT Solar always adheres to the management guideline of "market-oriented and customer-centralized", and steadily innovates to provide customers with quality products and services to facilitate the realization of an intelligent, green and low-carbon future.