【August 25, 2022, São Paulo, Brazil】From August 23-25th, Intersolar South America was held in Expo Center North, São Paulo, Brazil, which is South America’s Largest Exhibition and Conference for the Solar Industry. INVTSolar, as a professional PV inverter manufacturer, exhibited the new XG series grid-connected inverters and residential energy storage inverters at the event.  



This is the fourth time for INVTSolar to exhibit at Intersolar South America. The new XG series has replaced the BG series exhibited last year, and has become a popular product for visitors to learn more about grid-tied products.


XG3-136kW Three-phase On-grid Solar Inverter   

• 2-12 MPP Trackers, high single circuit tracking accuracy, fast dynamic response and higher power generation;
• Support DC input oversizing for higher revenue;
• Compatible with high-power modules for benefit from both conversion efficiency and cost;
• Smart I-V Curve Diagnosis Function: locate PV string faults accurately and automatically detect faults;
• Intelligent Fault Detection: ac-side voltage and current waveforms real-time recorded, fast fault location;
• Completely meet the needs of the South American household, industrial and commercial markets.



In the global environment of power shortage in many countries, the economic value of solar + energy storage system has been known by more people, and energy storage products are getting much attention.


INVTSolar also brought energy storage products, and the BD3-6kW-RL1 single-phase hybrid inverter and BD8-12kW-RH3 three-phase hybrid inverter were shown on site.


BD3-6kW-RL1 Single-phase ESS Hybrid Inverter

• Support PV, battery, diesel, grid and load input simultaneously;
• Input power source priority can be set by users;
• Built-in self-consumption, peak shaving, backup power and other application modes,
• Parallel available, suitable for a wide range of household energy storage applications.

New energy generation has been popularized around the world, and in Brazil, with its excellent sunlight conditions and market environment, the local PV market has been growing rapidly in recent years, attracting many investors in the PV industry.


The promotion of green power is not only to solve the problem of global electricity shortage, but also for our zero-carbon future. Chinese PV companies have taken a place in the global PV market, and as a member of China's outstanding PV companies, INVTSolar will continue to promote better PV products to the world, driven by clean energy, to facilitate the sustainable development of the world.