Play A Backbone Role to Enhance the Benefits of  A 1.2MW C&I Solar Project
Energy conservation and emission reduction have become an issue of globally shared interest. Within this environment, the total installed capacity of distributed photovoltaic power plants in China has been growing steadily year on year.  
The 1.2 MW commercial rooftop solar power plant in Jiangsu, China was installed by INVTSolar in cooperation with a local electrochemical company. Applied to the project are eleven INVTSolar XG100KTR three-phase on-grid solar inverters with DC input oversizing settings for higher output power, which enables the PV plant to be more efficient in power generation.  
The solar power plant was connected to the Public Grid in February this year and has been operating efficiently and stably for over half a year.
By adopting the mode of self-consumption as a priority and the surplus is fed into the local grid, the cost of electricity for company is effectively reduced, and economic benefits are obvious. Meanwhile, the project is also playing an active role in energy saving and environmental protection by generating a total of 1.25 million kWh of power annually and reducing about 1,246.63 tons of carbon dioxide.
With 9-12 MPP Trackers, 150% DC input oversizing, AFCI function optional, smart I-V curve diagnosis function, and multiple protection functions, the XG100-136kW PV inverter is a hot-selling product of the XG series and has been widely used in large C&I solar power plants in various industries to guarantee safe and efficient power generation.