Green Upgrade for The Park with Efficient PV Inverters

A new 6.89MW commercial and industrial distributed solar power system in Jiangxi, China, was installed on the rooftops of 21 factory buildings in an industrial park. Taking the first distributed rooftop solar project in the local high-tech zone, it contributes to making the park into a green and eco-friendly ecological park, which is of great significance for achieving the local carbon peak target.
This project uses INVT Solar 57 inverters and were successfully connected to the local grid in mid-December 2022.
The solar power plant is mainly equipped with INVTSolar XG100KTR and XG136KTR three-phase on-grid inverters. The XG100-136kW three-phase grid-tied solar inverter is one of the most popular models in the INVTSolar XG series for commercial and industrial clients. 9-12 MPP Trackers, high single circuit tracking accuracy, fast dynamic response and higher power generation. Maximum efficiency of 98.7%. Wide MPPT voltage range:180V-1000V. Compatible with high power modules. IP66 Protection degree: support outdoor installation. DC & AC Type II SPD: prevent lightning damage. AFCI Function (Optional): when an arc-fault is detected the inverter immediately stops operation
Utilizing the resources on the roof to build this solar power generation project can not only bring significant economic benefits, but also contribute to energy conservation and emission reduction in the high-tech zone. It is expected that after more than 20 years of efficient work, it can bring a lot of green output.

Green Output (Annual Estimates)
Power generation: 6.54 million kWh
Saving standard coals: 2615.7 tons
SO2 emission reduction: 196.2 tons
CO2 emission reduction: 6520 tons