Powerful Teamwork: a 5.99MW Solar Power Plant in an EV Manufacturing Base
ENOVATE Motors is a premium motoring technology marque that integrates the R&D, production, sales, and service of new energy vehicles. As an advocate of green and smart commuting, ENOVATE Motors offers not only premium smart new energy vehicles to customers, but also achieves green manufacturing from the source of manufacturing. In October 2022, ENOVATE Motors started to install a 5.99MW rooftop solar power plant by using the available rooftop resources of its manufacturing base in Changsha, China, and the solar project was successfully connected to the grid after over 2 months.
5.99MW Solar Power Plant in an EV Manufacturing Base
INVTSolar's XG series three-phase on-grid inverters are applied to the solar project, including 54 sets of XG110KTR and 1set of XG50KTR. After the project is connected to the grid, the average annual power generation will reach 5.22 million kWh, which will fully meet the power demand of the Changsha manufacturing base and realize the mode of ‘self-consumption in priority, the surplus fed into the local grid’, giving additional power revenue to the company.
5.99MW Solar Power Plant in an EV Manufacturing Base

ENOVATE Motors takes practical action to show that green commuting is not only about solar & energy storage & EV charging, but also about energy saving and emission reduction from the manufacturing source. Upon grid connection, the project will save about 2090 tons of standard coal, reduce 156.8 tons of sulfur dioxide, and reduce 5209.4 tons of carbon dioxide annually.

A growing number of different clean energy industries are joining powerfully to develop global low-carbon future. And INVTSolar stands ready to empower all walks of life, reduce energy consumption and increase revenue for them, and share a zero-carbon future!