INVTSolar XG Inverters Applied for 1.2MW PV Plant At A Chemical Fiber Factory

China is the world's largest producer and consumer of chemical fibers, and the huge market demand and production scale call for cleaner and more environmentally friendly manufacturing modes. JINHONG Group, a professional nylon manufacturer based in Jiangsu, China, has not only implemented green manufacturing from the production process and obtained the Global Recycled Standard, but also taken advantage of the free resources on the rooftop to install a 1.2MW solar power plant so as to reduce the energy consumption and cost of the company.


1.2MW PV Plant At A Chemical Fiber Factory


The solar power plant is equipped with 11 pieces of XG100KTR and 2 pieces of XG50KTR three phase on grid inverters made by INVT Solar. Equipped with 9 MPP Trackers, the XG100KTR inverter could achieve higher single-circuit tracking accuracy, faster dynamic response, and higher power generation. Besides, it is compatible with high power modules and support 150% DC input oversizing, a maximum efficiency of 98.7%, and a wide MPP Tracker voltage range for longer-lasting power generation.


After the PV power plant is put into operation, it is estimated that it could generate 1.25 million kWh energy per year, effectively reducing the cost of electricity consumption. Also, the annual emission reduction is about 1017.8 tons of carbon dioxide, and the annual saving of standard coal usage is about 381.2 tons, which facilitates energy saving and emission reduction and contributes to the construction of a green city.


1.2MW PV Plant At A Chemical Fiber Factory in Jiangsu, China


In addition, sunlight can be reflected and refracted by the PV modules on the rooftop to reduce heat absorption, which can effectively reduce the indoor temperature of the factory in the hot summer, creating a cooler working environment for employees and also saving the cost of cooling the manufacturing process to a certain extent.