INVTSolar Exhibited at the Solar Solutions International 2023
Solar Solutions International 2023 opened on March 22-24 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, which is the largest trade show for solar energy in Northwest Europe. INVTSolar exhibited its full range of products at the show, including on-grid inverters, hybrid inverters, and off-grid inverters.
The showcased XG3-10KTL single-phase on-grid solar inverter is designed specifically for residential solar systems, adapting to various intricate household settings. It has 2 MPP Trackers, high single-circuit tracking accuracy, maximum input current per string up to 20A, exceptional precision in single-channel tracking, and high power output.
According to a report released by SolarPower Europe (SPE), 27 EU Member States saw 41.4 GW of new solar PV capacity connected to their grids in 2022, in which the Netherlands ranked fourth with 4GW of additional PV capacity. Solar power is increasingly becoming a significant component in the Netherlands' future energy framework, possessing substantial growth potential. Owing to the nation's robust policies in favor of photovoltaic technology advancement, the solar industry is experiencing sped-up development.
INVTSolar has a warehousing facility in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands. We recognize the Netherlands as one of our most important markets in Europe and have established a local presence to support the needs of customers in the region. This warehouse enables INVTSolar to coordinate shipments throughout Europe, provide timely and efficient service, and quickly respond to customer inquiries. With the support of the facility, we can continue to build strong relationships with our customers in the Netherlands and across Europe. Also, INVTSolar will remain to uphold product innovation, ensuring better and cost-efficient products and services for its clientele.