BD 3-6kW-RL1

Single-phase Hybrid Solar Inverter

Key Feature

INVT iMars XD series inverter is a new generation of photovoltaicenergy storage products based on the idea of intelligent and maintenance free,which integrates many functions such as charging, energy storage, photovoltaic,BMS battery management system and so on. It can automatically identify the offgrid / grid connection mode and connect to the smart grid to achieve peak loadand valley demand.
  • Maximum efficiency: 97.6%
  • Input power source priority can be set by users
  • IP65 Protection Degree: support outdoor installation
  • Battery reverse connection protection.
  • Support RS485/CAN/DRM (WiFi/4G optional):remote monitoring and operation via PC or mobile phones
  • Support automatic battery switch
  • Support diesel generator as input source
  • Parallel available, intelligent BMS management
  • Export control (Zero export)
  • Compatible with lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries
Input (PV)
Max. PV Input Power 4.6kW 6kW 7kW
Max. PV Input Voltage 550V
MPP Voltage Range 125V ~ 500V
Max. PV Input Current 14A
Number of MPP Trackers 2
Number of String per MPPT 1
Output (AC)
Max. Output Current 13A 16A 17.4A 20A 21.7A 26A
Rated Power 3kVA 3.6kVA 4kVA 4.6kVA 5kVA 6kVA
Rated Voltage 230V, L + N + PE
Operating Voltage Range 176V ~ 270V
Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Power Factor 0.8 lagging~0.8 leading
THDi <3%
Output (EPS)
Rated Power 3kVA 3.6kVA 4kVA 4.6kVA 5kVA 6kVA
Rated Voltage 230Vac
Rated Current 13A 16A 17.4A 20A 21.7A 26A
Rated Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Automatic Switching Time <20ms
Overload Capability 110%, 30s / 120%, 10s / 150%, 0.02s
THDu <2%
Battery Voltage Range 40V ~ 58V
Max. Charging Voltage 58V
Charge / Discharge Current 95A / 62.2A 95A/ 75A 95A / 83.3A 95A / 95.8A 95A / 104.2A 95 A/ 110A
Battery Type Lithium / Lead-acid
Communication RS485, CAN
Max. DC Efficiency  97.60%
European Efficiency  97.0%
MPPT Efficiency  99.90%
Battery Charge / Discharge Efficiency  95.0%
Display LCD
Communication standard: RS485 / CAN / DRM
optional: WIFI / 4G
Standard Compliance
Certificates CE, TUV, SAA, NRS
General Data
Dimensions (W x H x D) 550 x 515 x 200 mm
Weight 25kg
Operation Temperature -25℃ ~ +60℃
Cooling Method Natural Cooling
Protection Degree IP65
Noise Emission <35dB
Max. Operating Altitude 2000m
Relative Humidity 0 ~ 95% (non-condensing)
Topology Transformerless
Standby Power Consuption <3W
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