Job Responsibilities:
1. Conduct electrical functional and reliability tests on the company's inverter products and write test reports;
2. Develop a reasonable test plan and test plan according to project requirements and resources, and ensure the smooth implementation of the test plan;
3. Provide technical support for the maintenance of old products, guarantee the solution of key problems, perform failure analysis on faulty products, summarize the reasons for failure, and provide product development and improvement suggestions;
4. The establishment and optimization of test cases and specifications, the organization and establishment of test experience cases, and the formation of shared knowledge documents;
5. Proficiency in using oscilloscopes, power analyzers and other test equipment.
Job requirements:
1. College degree or above, major in electrical, power electronics, automation, etc.;
2. Possess a certain electrical hardware foundation and more than one year of relevant work experience;
3. Proficiency in using basic test tools, strong hands-on ability, logical thinking ability, test data analysis ability and good communication skills;
4. Careful and careful, and have a certain ability to write documents;
5. Proficient in analog power, digital power, loop stability principles, power electronics theory and switching power supply knowledge, familiar with AC/DC, DC/DC, DC/AC related circuit topologies, and have certain circuit analysis capabilities;
6. More than one year of UPS, inverter, switching power supply, inverter and other product development or R&D testing experience, as well as inverter product certification testing experience is preferred.