Review of Zhengzhou Solar and Energy Storage Exhibition: PV Storage and Charging solution was a big hit

October 22-23, the First China (Yu Jin Shaanxi Wan) Solar Storage Exhibition was held in Zhengzhou, Central China International Expo Center. The four provinces of Henan, Shanxi, Shaanxi and Anhui have excellent light resources and increasingly active power plant installation atmosphere. With the in-depth development of PV "whole county promotion", these four provinces have become an important area for Solar development, especially for development of energy storage power plant.


INVT Solar presented its latest on grid, energy storage inverters and energy storage system solutions at the exhibition, attracting many visitors. INVT Solar's solar energy storage system covers multiple application scenarios such as large ground PV plants and household green power, providing efficient, safe and intelligent energy storage system solutions for power generation side, grid side and power consumption side.


Generation side-- PV Power Plant Energy Storage Solution


INVT Solar power plant energy storage solutions can be applied not only to new PV power plants, but also to existing PV power plants with high feed-in tariffs for renovation. It solves the phenomenon of PV plant abandonment, eliminates PV random fluctuations, improves the quality of PV plant power output, makes PV plants gradually become adjustable power, can generate 96-point power prediction reports, and gradually allows PV plants to participate in peak and frequency regulation and other auxiliary services.


Grid Side - Grid Energy Storage Solutions


With the significant access of new energy sources aggravating the imbalance on the power generation side and the daily and seasonal peak-to-valley differences on the user side, the role of grid-side energy storage becomes more prominent. INVENTEC's grid-side energy storage solution can realize peak and frequency control, real-time monitoring of load fluctuations, rapid response to grid dispatch, and improved grid frequency stability. It can also dynamically adjust grid reactive power according to grid power factor changes, reduce system losses, and ensure reliable grid operation.


Electricity consumption side - Light storage and charging system solution


The integrated optical storage and charging system not only strongly supports the layout of inter-city charging network, but also participates in auxiliary services such as peak and frequency regulation, peak shaving and valley filling with the technical characteristics of optical storage and charging. INVT Solar's light storage and charging system solution gives full play to the function of storing energy and optimizing allocation, charging and storing at night when electricity consumption is low, and releasing to charging piles to charge electric vehicles at daytime when electricity consumption is high, which on the one hand alleviates the impact of charging piles' high current charging on regional power grid during charging peak, and on the other hand brings high revenue to the project by cutting peaks and filling valleys through peak-to-valley price difference.