XG100-136kW are Installed in Domestic and Foreign Commercial PV Stations and run stably

The XG100-136kW three-phase on -grid solar inverters are high-efficiency inverters developed by INVT Solar for commercial and industrial PV plants. The product has undergone multiple severe tests, repeated verification and optimization, and was officially launched into the market in the middle of the year. As soon as the products were launched, they were favored and adopted by domestic and foreign customers, and some power stations have been officially put into use.


1.1MW Commercial and Industrial PV Plant in Bursa, Turkey


The 1.1MW commercial and industrial PV plant in Bursa, Turkey was built for one of the three major local EPC companies and was put into usd on October 22, 2021. The project is a rooftop photovoltaic power plant, and all 10 inverters adopt the newly launched XG110KTR three-phase on grid PV inverters from INVT Solar, which are highly efficient and stable in operation, enabling enterprises to generate their own electricity, solving the problem of high electricity costs faced by local enterprises and greatly reducing their electricity costs.

1.1MW Commercial PV Plant in Bursa, Turkey


The XG100-136kW Three-phase On-grid Solar Inverters


•  High efficiency power generation


Support 1.6X DC output overload, adaptable to high-power modules. 10-12 MPPT, flexible configuration for different installation factors, effectively reduce string mismatch and maximize system power generation.


•  Safe & Stable


IP66. Built-in AFCI fuction, can accurately distinguish the arcing signal, quickly shut down, avoid fire, and provide a reliable guarantee for the safety of the power station. At the same time, the inverter supports the fault recording function, real-time observation of the inverter voltage and current waveforms, recording the inverter waveforms during faults, and quickly locating problems; supports intelligent IV scanning and diagnosis, which can accurately locate string faults and actively discover The problem is to ensure the safe and reliable long-term power generation of the power station.


•  Intelligent Operation and Maintenance


Equipped with a one-stop intelligent management platform, covering the whole life cycle of the PV plant, realizing the whole process management from project initiation to commissioning, centralized monitoring, remote diagnosis, hitting the pain points of large scale industrial and commercial power plants, difficult fault location, difficult manual inspection and time-consuming problem solving, helping O&M providers to realize efficient management. In addition, the product's minimalist installation process design also allows O&M costs to be significantly reduced.

XG110KTR three phase on grid solar inverters


110kW Commercial PV Plant in Jilin, China

 The project uses the 110kW three-phase on grid  inverter and put into use on October 15, 2021.

110kW Commercial PV Plant in Jilin, China


As many countries around the world have successively set carbon neutral goals, low-carbon globalization has transcended national boundaries and crossed industries, and has become the goal of global development. As one of the main industries of the low-carbon economy, the photovoltaic industry is also continuing to make efforts. Focusing on the idea of “seeking sustainable and high-quality development”, INVT Solar is based on technology, strictly controls quality, and strengthens services to escort the efficient and stable operation of customers' power stations and promote the development of green economy.